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Hair care for the humid summer air

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It’s that time of year again when your hair turns into an unmanageable and uncontrollable mess. The weather report becomes redundant, since a look in the mirror or a fistful of hair is enough to inform us of the humidity in the air. Human hair is extremely sensitive to humidity, and therefore “the frizz look” becomes a prominent problem in the summer months. Taming the hair frizz disaster has becomes a billion-dollar industry with products that promise to produce results.

The chemical structure of human hair makes it unusually susceptible to changes (depending on the level of humidity). Humidity forms when there is hydrogen in the air – and the more hydrogen in the air, the more humid it is. Hair is made up primarily of keratin, and when the keratin protein bonds with hydrogen, we get frizz.

Star Career Academy’s Cosmetology Program would like to share some simple hair tips to help you control your frizz quota this summer.

The most important thing to keep in mind when attempting to tame frizzy hair is moisture. Dehydrated hair tends to absorb moisture faster and produce more frizzes. Try using a hydrating shampoo (or leave in conditioner treatment) for that added moisture.

Air dry:
So many of us have formed the habit of reaching for our blow dryer in the cooler months in an attempt to avoid getting sick. Using hot dry air to manage our locks in the summer will simply cause them to dehydrate faster. Don’t fight your natural hair with flat/curling irons. Summer is a great time to let your hair embrace the casual and carefree lifestyle. Hair that has been damaged from over drying and stress is more prone to frizz.

Cold splash against the heat:
Once you’re finished washing your hair, top it off with some cold water. The cold water helps close the cuticles and pores in the hair, so that moisture from the air will not penetrate (hence, there are fewer frizzes).

Keep your long locks:
Longer hair is heavier and helps prevent unwanted puffiness that short hair cannot avoid.

If all else fails…
Tie it up into a ponytail or try one of these five hairstyles that are perfect for summer. There will be times when it seems that nothing you do will fight off the horrid summer humidity, so always try to keep a hair tie handy. Just tuck that hair away in an up do and go on with your day.

At Star Career Academy, students in our Cosmetology program are provided with the tools and knowledge that is necessary to succeed in this particular industry. You will learn to incorporate this knowledge and create a look that fits the personal style of each of your clients.

So, if you care not only about styling your own hair for the summer, but also being a stylist to others – all year round – the Cosmetology program at Star Career Academy could be the place for you.

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