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Hair and Skin Care for Winter Running

People who get out there and run are taking care of their bodies. Whether recreational or competitive, running helps us maintain a healthy body weight, build lean muscles, a healthy heart and calm mind.

But running, especially in the winter, can be tough on our skin and hair.

Winter air and changes in the seasons can dry out our skin, and logging time and miles outside exposes us to the elements more than most. But while our cheeks are rosy, we can keep our skin glowing and hair shiny.

We might not feel as thirsty during colder seasons, but hydration is still important. We should drink plenty of water and limit caffeine and alcohol whenever possible. Eating nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole wheat, walnuts and almonds, not only fuels our bodies, but can also help give our skin and hair the vitamins needed to stay healthy.

As a runner, it can be impractical to skip shampooing your hair every day, but on a day off from running, it can be beneficial, as shampooing can strip hair of its natural oils.

You can balance the effects of dry, cold air by using a moisturizing conditioner every time you shower. Applying leave-in conditioners after a shower can help restore moisture and shine. Then, reduce the time and frequency that you blow dry, and the amount of styling products you use afterwards.

For skin, it’s helpful to apply moisturizer before and after a run. Many moisturizers have sun screen in them, which protects the skin from damaging ultraviolet rays. BB creams, or blemish balm, is becoming a beauty trend. BB creams are tinted moisturizers with sunscreen in them. Applying this along with a lighter moisturizer can provide an extra layer of protection from the sun and elements.

You can use a night-time moisturizing cream before bed to help repair your skin while you sleep.
Finally, care for the rest of your body too. Use a moisturizing lotion with sunscreen on your arms and legs. Vaseline is good protection for dry knuckles and skin that is exposed and chafing, and moisturizing chapstick such Burt’s Bees keeps your lips smooth and conditioned.


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