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Hair and inner beauty: what’s the connection ?

‘Every single person is beautiful, if they feel healthy from inside as well from outside.’ This is a sentiment that you will definitely be in agreement with. Dr. Mehmet Oz has shared the same thoughts in his book: You Being Beautiful – The Owner’s Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty. The theme of the book is that beauty is coordinated with health or in other words you feel beautiful if you are healthy.

You Hair Can Tell What’s Ailing You

Dr. Oz, who is a successful heart surgeon, believes that due to his professional expertise, he is hardwired to identify problems much before blood tests and CT scans actually reveal them. Your body always tries to send out signals that there are underlying health issues that need to be addressed. Dr. Oz cites the example of hair as a medium that tells you something is wrong with your body.

Hair can tell an individual whether they have potential hormone problems, thyroid issues, toxins in the body, or whether they are having the right diet. It can also reveal whether you are unduly stressed. When there are things happening inside your body, they are first reflected in your hair. For instance, thyroid imbalance, which is extremely widespread among most Americans, is one of the common causes for hair loss and thinning. That’s why hair care is of extreme importance for any individual.

Ways In Which You Can Make a Mess of Your Hair

Hair can get damaged in multiple ways. It can lose its body and sheen, due to excessive use of chemicals from harsh shampoos and conditioners. They also get extensively damaged when they are subjected to styling products and procedures, such as blow drying, heating, and ironing, over a period of time. Knowing the difference between natural healthy hair loss and one that’s caused by other factors is important to prevent getting into a situation where you have sparse, thin, and unhealthy looking hair that needs urgent attention.

While there are various ways of treating hair loss, the focus should be on using products that are gentle and easy to use, have proven and safe ingredients, and can get back that thicker, fuller look for your mane. Keranique hair rejuvenating system is a path-breaking hair care solution that is specifically developed to target thinning hair in women. It has proven ingredients that help improve hair texture and also add volume and thickness to it.

Get That Feel-Good Look from the Inside

Women and men with a healthy self-image of their looks are known to be the happiest, and self image is not just about your external looks but how you feel inside as well. Caring for your body is important to make you look good inside-out and that caring should begin with your hair. If you use shampoos and conditioners with excessive chemicals and harmful sulfates, you are doing your hair a great disservice. Blow drying and styling frequently can damage the tiles that the hair strands are made of and make them look limp and lifeless after some time.

Handling your hair gently and ensuring that you have a hair-friendly diet will keep it healthy and lustrous. As Dr. Oz says in his book, a head full of healthy hair is a sign of inner beauty.