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Hailey Owens case updates: Parents sue alleged killer, Amber Alert changes

There are new updates in the Hailey Owens case. Hailey Owens was 10-years-old when she was abducted from her neighborhood on Feb. 19, 2014. Craig Michael Wood, a substitute teacher and middle school, football coach has been charged with her abduction and murder. Now, Hailey Owens parents, Stacey Barfield and Markus Owens, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Wood. While Wood is awaiting trial, early reports indicate he has a trust fund worth approximately $1 million. It unknown whether the family would win a wrongful death suit and if so, how much they would be awarded in financial damages.

Hailey Owens abducted and murdered from Missouri
Owens family photo

Hailey Owens case: Read Craig Wood search warrant documents, child pornography found in home

News-Leader reports, “The petition says Hailey’s parents have ‘suffered severely and in the future will suffer, by reason of the injuries sustained by and from Hailey Owens’ death.

“The suit seeks financial damages to cover costs associated with Hailey’s death, but it also seeks punitive damages to “punish Defendant Wood and to deter him and others from like conduct.”

Attorney David W. Ransin represents the family.

In additional news, Missouri leaders are proposing changes in the Amber Alert system after more than a two-hour delay from the time police responded to the 911 call stating Hailey Owens had been abducted and a correct license plate number given, and the time the Amber Alert was issued. According to KMOV, Rep. Elijah Haahr wants to ensure Amber Alerts are handled as efficiently as possible. He stated, “I want to make it clear I think the police in Springfield did everything they could do (in Hailey's case), but if there's a way we could speed the process up and help the situation, that's really what we're looking into."

Marc Klaas responded to the delay in the Hailey Owens case and referred to the Amber Alert system as broken.

Do you feel that a two-hour delay in an Amber Alert case, due to filling out paperwork is simply unacceptable?

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