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Hailey Owens case: Craig Wood had what appeared to be blood on shirt (videos)

There are shocking new details released in the heartbreaking Hailey Owens case. Owens was abducted on Feb. 18, 2014, while walking home from a friend’s house in Springfield, Missouri. Two neighborhood witnesses described the abduction to police and provided a license plate number that led authorities to the home of 45-year-old, elementary school football coach and substitute teacher Craig Wood. Upon speaking with Wood, approximately three hours after Owens’ abduction, Wood agreed to go with officers to the police station and undergo further questioning. According to search warrant documents, Wood never inquired why he was going to the police station for questioning and the officer who interrogated described what appeared to be dried blood on Wood’s shirt. Authorities also found DVDs, video camera equipment, guns and a three-ring binder that contained images of child pornography in Wood’s home. They also found Hailey Owens' body. She had been shot at the base of her skull and placed in two, black trash bags then put inside a storage container.

Craig Wood had what appeared to be dried blood on his shirt
Springfield Police Department

The search warrant describes the appearance of blood on Craig Wood’s shirt as follows. “Detective Kevin Shipley conducted an interview with Craig upon his arrival at Police headquarters. Craig reported he worked until approximately 1515 hours on 02/18/14 and went straight home to his residence at 1538 E. Stanford after he finished work. He told Detective Shipley he walked his dog and ran errands after returning to his residence. Det. Shipley questioned Craig about his vehicle being seen at the scene of the abduction. Craig denied that he was in the neighborhood where the abduction occurred.

“Det. Shipley confronted Craig with statements from the witnesses placing his truck at the scene of the abduction. Craig then told Det. Shipley that he had been out driving around the Missouri State University campus and area west of the campus. Craig denied that he had contacted any young children or girls. Craig stated he is the only person who drives the Ford Ranger. Det. Shipley observed what appeared to be blood on Craig’s t-shirt during the interview.

“Detectives collected Craig’s clothing while he was present at Police Headquarters and processed his person for possible evidence. Detectives smelled the odor commonly associated with bleach on Craig’s clothing and person during the evidence collection.”

Craig Wood was booked and charged with kidnapping, armed criminal action and first-degree murder and is being held without bond at the Greene County jail. He appeared by video for his first hearing on Feb. 21, 2014.

Prosecutors are still determining whether Wood will face the death penalty. Click here for a video report from Craig Wood’s first court appearance. It’s unclear whether Wood will face additional charges related to child pornography. He returns to court on March 19, 2014 for a follow up hearing then is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on April 7, 2014.

Warning! Graphic Content that may be disturbing!

You may read Craig Wood’s search warrant in PDF format here: Search Warrant Reveals Child Pornography in Craig Wood’s Home

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