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Hail got your roof?


Last week's hail storm brought major roof damage to many homes.  If your home was impacted, or you think it was, here are a few tips to help you through the process of getting it repaired.

  1. Call your insurance company right away.
  2. Get at least 3 quotes from reliable roof companies that are local and have been in                 business for several years.
  3. Never sign anything you don't understand.  Some roofers insist you sign something before they go on the roof to inspect.  Be careful.  You may be signing a contract.
  4. Get your quotes in writing.  Don't count on a promise that the company will do the work for "whatever the insurance company will pay".
  5. If your insurance company resists the claim, or you suspect it might, arrange for a roofer to be at your home at the same time the assessor will be out.  Have them go on the roof together.

Check with the Better Business Bureau before hiring a roofer.

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