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Hail breaks loose over Harford County

Severe storms were expected today with temperatures the 90s and dew points deep into the 70s. An approaching cluster of storms in the mountains actually started to fall apart east of Frederick, but the outflow of cooler air interacted with the moist Chesapeake Bay and erupted during the late afternoon.

Forest Hill
Nichole Hathazi
Severe storms dump hail on Harford County
Sara Waire

After 5 pm, the explosive development over central Harford County prompted The National Weather Service to mention Ping Pong Ball size hail with the Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Soon after photos of hail stones were shared on my Facebook page showing that it was close. A few reports of broken windows and one patio table were the results.

Reports shared by NWS included:

5:48 PM 1.25” Hail 1 mile SW of Bynum

5:50 PM 1.00” Hail 2 miles west of Bel Air

5:54 PM 1.25” Hail in Forest Hill

How large was it?

Here are the official size measurements in inches and associated objects NWS often refers to:

  • .50" = Marble, moth ball
  • .75" = Penny
  • .88"= Nickle
  • 1.00" = Quarter
  • 1.25" = Half Dollar
  • 1.50"= Walnut, Ping Pong Ball
  • 2.00" = Hen Egg
  • 2.50" = Tennis Ball
  • 2.75" = Baseball
  • 3.00" = Tea Cup
  • 4.00" = Grapefruit
  • 4.50" = Softball

Did you know?

If you cut a hail stone in half, you can see rings the represent each trip up and down it made in the cloud before falling to the ground. Each cycle adds another layer of ice, growing it larger.

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