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Hagman introduces bill to enhance identity theft protection

Assemblyman Curt Hagman
Assemblyman Curt Hagman
Courtesy of Curt Hagman

Assemblyman Curt Hagman, (R-Chino Hills), introduced legislation today to strengthen identity theft protection. If enacted as written, Assembly Bill 1663 allows the Employment Development Department (EDD) to notify law enforcement officials when evidence of fraud exists.

In a written statement issued today, Hagman said, “Identify theft is not only personally aggravating, it is a huge drag on California’s economy. Anything that the legislature can do to make it more difficult on those determined to commit fraud should be pursued. When it comes to stopping identify theft, data sharing asks little and accomplishes a lot.”

Illegal use of social security numbers is a common means to stealing identity. State agencies, such as EDD, which use social security numbers as a means of identifying those who utilize services, are in a position to determine when a social security number is being used for multiple recipients.

According to the press release “In 2013, the California State Auditor reported that it discovered 1,400 cases of a single Social Security number being associated with 10 or more names in the EDD’s Base Wage File in one quarter. Yet, currently, in spite of the EDD’s position to detect patterns pointing to fraud, it is not permitted to report patterns of fraud to authorities.”

Hagman represents the 55th Assembly District, which includes the cities of Brea, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Industry, La Habra, Placentia, Rowland Heights, Walnut, West Covina and Yorba Linda.