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Hagerstown Railroad Museum, City Park, Hagerstown, Maryland

The  Old  Caboose  that  you  see  as  you  enter  the  museum..
The Old Caboose that you see as you enter the museum..
John Cowgill

The city of Hagerstown, Maryland, nicknamed the ‘Hub City’, may not be a major city like Washington D.C., New York City or Chicago, but it has been a major crossroads for railroads and for highway traffic for over two hundred years. One of the best kept secrets of this city is its city park which is considered one of the most beautiful city parks in America. It is where you will find the Hager House, the original home of Jonathan Hager, the founder of the city, the Mansion House Arts Center, a huge lake and fountain, and, for the railroad lovers, a railroad museum. Yes, there is a railroad museum located in the park.
Located in the back of the park from Virginia Avenue, you will see eight cabooses, a pump car, railroad signals and tools most of which were used by the Western Maryland Railroad which once ran trains through this area. The centerpiece of the museum is the Steam Engine #202, the only locomotive of its kind used by the Western Maryland Railroad that is still in existence. Built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1912, it was used for passenger service between Baltimore and Hagerstown.
The Hagerstown Railroad Museum is located on the west side of the City Park at 525 Highland Way, a minute from U.S. 11. You can find more information about the museum at which will take you to the city home page where you can click on ‘Visitors’ to scroll down to find the link to the park. The next time you are driving along I-81 or I-70 on your stroll through Hagerstown, make a little detour to the most beautiful city park in America and visit the railroad museum.

You  see  this  old  caboose  at  the  edge  of  the  Hagerstown  City  Railroad  Museum  in  the  City  Park
John Cowgill