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Hagan reacts to minimum wage issue

U.S. Senator Kay Hagan reacted and stated :

"I'm deeply disappointed that partisan politics prevented the Senate from moving forward on commonsense legislation that would benefit more than one million North Carolinians who are struggling to support their families and make ends meet. The people I talk to in North Carolina are working harder than ever only to fall further behind. What's more, two out of every three minimum wage earners are women. As women are more and more often becoming primary household earners or co-earners, it is more important than ever that we close the wage gap and ensure women are earning a wage that allows them to support their families."

The Senator from Raleigh in DC is concerned about the well being of families living pay check to pay check and needing changes like the one proposed with the increase of minimum wage. This is a concerning issue in D. C and in Ralieigh .

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