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Hadley relishes position as 'nobody' Senate candidate


He is the first Democratic candidate to step into the "lion's den," as he put it, against incumbent Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA).

RJ Hadley, Democratic candidate for US Senate from Georgia,
speaks to East Cobb Democrats Thursday, January 21, 2010. (PBG)

If the way RJ Hadley was introduced to a small group of East Cobb Democrats, Thursday night, is not just hyperbole, it is an "act of courage in and of itself," for him to run for a Senate seat in one of the reddest states in the country.

"I'm not going to be afraid because you don't agree with me," Hadley told the East Cobb Democratic Alliance at its monthly meeting in Marietta. That may be true, as Hadley has spoken to assemblies as far right, politically, as limited-government TEA party groups in south Georgia, since announcing his candidacy last fall.

That no one outside Rockdale County, where the politically active Hadley was selected chief of staff in 2009, had heard of the candidate before this election does not seem to phase him. "The nobodies of this world built this country," he said.

Hadley has adopted a populist style, saying he would have voted against TARP, and lashing out at the "corporate stranglehold" that he says "is dividing us from our elected officials." Congress, he says, is hungry for "power," and he thinks they should "put the public first, in front of their pockets," and "just do what's right."

Other positions Hadley spoke about Thursday:

  • The wars: "I'm not convinced our activities in Iraq and Afghanistan are making us safer." He suggested the money spent on the wars be "re-directed" to take care of veterans, and financing a government jobs program;
  • Education: allow states more flexibility;
  • Green Jobs: while saying he will avoid in-depth discussion about climate change, he did admit that he sees what he calls "the green push" as "a national security issue." He also mentioned the possibilities for wind and solar power being generated in Georgia.
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