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Hacking Traffic Lights

Hacking Traffic Lights-slide0
Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

Hacking traffic lights may have been a big hit in movies and questioning if that was really possible. It gave hackers something to strive for on a day to day basis to push the limits. Nothing news worthy has happened until recently. Security researchers at the University of Michigan have done just that. It has been proven that it is fairly easy to hack traffic lights compared to what is depicted in movies like The Italian Job and Die Hard. Three vulnerabilities have been found which lead to the easy hacks, an unencrypted radio signal, factory default usernames and passwords, and a debugging port. An unencrypted radio signal is a free flowing signal that does not require a password or code to access. For an example, if one were to but all credit cards and passwords into a word document, the hacker would be able to read those files with ease. Encryption protects from prying eyes. Factory default usernames and passwords are just usernames and passwords that come on the device. Finally, a debugging port is just a port that comes on the device to simply the development and debugging. Debuggers help modders and hackers to gain extra functionally. It makes you wonder that technology is putting us in more danger than it does to help. It is a hackers playground.

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