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Hackett restaurant first area restaurant to open in 2014

The chicken fried steak meal at Chaotic Cafe.
The chicken fried steak meal at Chaotic Cafe.
Marc Hayot

A new year can be the start of a great adventure. However for cousins Jeff and Christie, that adventure was the opening of the River Valley's first restaurant of 2014, the Chaotic Cafe located at 408 N. Main Hackett, AR.

Chaotic Cafe located at 408 N. Main Street Hackett, AR
Marc Hayot

Many people try to be the first to accomplish something in the new year, however Jeff and Christie managed to open the first restaurant of the year by accident. “At first it was going to be the end of November, but with circumstances where we had to take care of things it just kind of hit that way,” Christie said. The circumstances, according to the cousins, were getting everything up to health-department codes before they could open. “It took seven weeks to get everything ready to be approved by the health department,” Jeff added. That extra seven weeks helped earn them the title of the first area restaurant to open in 2014.

So what does the Chaotic Cafe serve? The restaurant serves breakfast all day, as well as a unique take on classic comfort foods like cheeseburgers served on Texas Toast. As strange as it may sound, this item has become quite popular among customers. “We don't even order hamburger buns anymore,” Jeff said. Another popular dish that the restaurant serves is an 8oz Ribeye. According to Christie, the restaurant serves the Ribeye on Saturday nights. The Ribeye costs $10.99, and comes with mashed potatoes, Texas Toast, a dinner salad or vegetable and a roll.

This examiner ate at the Chaotic Cafe a week ago and found the food to be very well made. The chicken fried steak had a hint of spice that blended well with the homemade gravy, the fries were golden brown and tasty and the corn had a sweet flavor to it. This examiner believes that this could become one of the best restaurants in Southern Sebastian County.

The Chaotic Cafe is open from 8 AM-7 PM Tuesday through Sunday. Those needing more information may call 479-638-8336.

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