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Hackers blackmail Domino's: European hackers after $41K, customer security risk

A European band of hackers blackmail Domino’s Pizza and ransom the popular restaurant chain for over $41,000 this week. These expert hackers calling themselves Rex Mundi has allegedly broken into private Domino’s files, retrieving information on over 600,000 guests and creating a massive customer security risk to all those involved. The CS Monitor shares this Monday, June 16, 2014, that the threat only affects pizza locations in Belgium and France, but nonetheless remains an international privacy concern.

Hackers at Domino's pizza now seek ransom
Creative Wikia Commons

Ever since the Target cyber attack threatened thousands of customers’ identities and personal information in the U.S. nation earlier this year, people have been on a much higher alert regarding their online safety. So when hackers blackmail Domino’s Pizza restaurants for money in exchange for their customers’ data being returned, there’s a very real cause for contention. According to the report, the European based Rex Mundi managed to hack into the inner servers of the pizza chain in France and Belgium, and now they are after at least $41,000 in ransom.

According to an updated press release, the hackers managed to steal very private information of hundreds of thousands of customers. Some of the data is said to include guests’ phone numbers, emails, account ID’s and passwords, pizza delivery instructions, names, and even home addresses. A total of 590,000 customers in French have been affected by the cyber attack, while 58,000 Belgians also fall under the recent security risk.

There is a silver lining in this troubling incident, however. Money MSN reports this evening that no credit card information or financial banking information has been compromised. Because Domino’s Pizzas in Belgium and France use an older system that does not allow users to pay via credit cards, customers don’t have to worry about the hackers blackmailing them directly. To reiterate, notes the report, no guests outside of the aforementioned countries have been hit by the cyber attack.

Although the specific date and time have already passed, the Rex Mundi hackers allegedly left an electronic deadline with Domino’s that they would require no less than $41,000 (or approximately 30,000 euros) by Monday night (tonight), or else the private information will be released and put at risk. Although that time has already passed, the president for the popular pizza company has said that they have not and will not be paying any ransom money to them. It seems these European techies are out of luck, despite their illegal scheme.

Feedly, too, a popular social networking and communications site, was also affected by a recent online security threat. Hackers infiltrated their servers, and tried extorting them for money. However, they too are refusing to concede to these invasive computer intruders.

"The attacker is trying to extort us money to make it stop," Feedly’s founders wrote in a recent blog post. "We refused to give in and are working with our network providers to mitigate the attack as best as we can."

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