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Hackers blackmail Domino's: Hackers steal Domino's customer data, ransom sought

Hackers going by the name of Rex Mundi are blackmailing Domino’s pizza. The group are combining America’s favorite, square-cut take out pie with some high tech off-the-grid espionage that would make infamous NASA network hacker Jonathan James blush.

Domino’s European chain of pizza parlors hacked into the company’s security systems – which we imagine are not protected by quantum encryptions and more firewalls than NORAD – in order to obtain the personal information of customers, and what the dude down the street likes as far as toppings.


The hacker group, called Rex Mundi, hit the Belgian and French portions of the chain and claims to have obtained the account information of over 600,000 customers. The stolen information consisted of names, addresses, phone numbers, and — most importantly — delivery instructions, including frequently ordered toppings. The group posted the claim, and threatened Domino’s with releasing the customer information unless the chain paid the group around $40,000.

Of course, Domino’s has the long standing policy and international tenet of not dealing with terrorists. Therefore, the pizza chain did not send a delivery boy with his light-up sign to make the drop. Rather, Domino’s reported the matter to the proper authorities.


Rex Mundi, whose name is the Latin for “king of the world,” has a track record of holding companies to ransom, having previously attacked online lender AmeriCash Advance, the Franco-Belgian bank Dexia and the Belgian telecoms company VOO.

“We notified Domino's France about our hack on Tuesday,” the hackers said. “It took them four days to notify their customers. And they still haven't contacted us.” Rex Mundi said they would begin to release the data today; no word on any address, phone number or anchovy / mushroom combo leaks.

A Domino's spokesperson said the information mined from the online hack included customer’s email addresses, physical addresses, passwords and phone numbers, but no financial information was stolen.

“Domino's Pizza uses an encryption system for trade data,” the company said in a statement. “However, the hackers who attacked us are seasoned professionals and it is likely that they could decode the encryption system, including passwords. We value customers' privacy and we immediately took appropriate steps to close the vulnerability and are continuing to monitor the situation closely. The relevant teams are working closely with local police in relation to this matter.”

Is it just me, or would this not make a great plot for Jack Bauer and the next “24?”

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