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Hackers blackmail Domino's: Demands made after customer information is stolen

Hackers blackmailed Domino's Pizza, demanding a significant payout or they said they would release customer data. NBC News shared the details.

Hackers blackmailed Domino's Pizza after customer data was compromised
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The hackers are said to have stolen data on more than 600,000 customers from France and Belgium. The blackmail threat came from a Twitter account listed as “Rex Mundi” and said that they would publish the customer information online unless they received 30,000 euros (about $40,800).

Some time later, the Twitter account was suspended, but a message boasting about the attack was also posted to the site The pizza chain has 24 locations in Belgium and 229 in France.

According to Reuters, Domino's Pizza Inc. confirmed that the data was stolen, and it included names, phone numbers, delivery addresses, email addresses and even passwords. The information the hackers used to blackmail Domino's was taken from an online ordering system server that the company was working on replacing.

Domino's spokesman Chris Brandon said that the company would not be paying any money. They also say that this was an isolated incident affecting only the locations in France and Belgium. In addition, it seems that no credit card information was involved as the hackers blackmailed Domino's.

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