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Hackers and Social Media.

With the recent news stories of Target being hit by hackers and now six more retailers being hit by the same type of malware makes you wonder if anything of the internet is safe. The most efficient way of not having to worry about hackers and malware is simply not be connected the internet, but we all know how impossible that is. The internet is used for just about everything that is done on the computer from streaming music, to sending emails, to login in on a social media site. When people worry about hackers, they also worry about their social media accounts.

For one, keep as little information as you can, but enough so friends can find you. It is better to be safe then to be sorry. It is common sense to keep credit card information away from sites like that. It is not bad, but why do you need money for Facebook, or Twitter? Also, do not click on links that looks "fake" and host a story that is too good to be true, or extremely nasty. Luckily social media sites employ what is called white hat hackers. These hackers are the good guy and the bad guys are called black hat hackers. These companies hire these hackers to hack into the site under a controlled environment to find flaws in the site. Then, they report back so programmers and engineers can fix it. A good thing to having white hat hackers is the fact that they do not think like programmers which makes it easier for them to find the flaws.

With all these companies being hit by hackers, social media should have nothing to worry about since the whole company is based on the internet, so they will take the best routes to protect users information. That does not mean that some day a hacker will compromise the sites again. Just be prepared.

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