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Hacker film director responds

After years of silence, the director of a film about computer hackers speaks out.
After years of silence, the director of a film about computer hackers speaks out.

A couple of weeks ago, this column described the online leak of the film Hackers Wanted and featured some not-so-flattering quotes from the film’s owner – Dana Brunetti of Trigger Street Productions. There has been a lot of dialogue in the press and Internet chat rooms since then about why the film was (and will continue to be) kept out of general theatrical release.

Now the film’s director, Sam Bozzo, has decided to break his silence and provide his first public comments about the whole affair since everything blew up last month. Said Bozzo:

“I really appreciate the hacker community’s positive reaction to my film Hackers Wanted, my first feature documentary which I created to the best of my ability given the time and resources available to me. I am sad that my cut was never officially released. It would be hypocritical of me to complain of this internet leak, since I openly spoke on Torrent Freak in favor of such leaks for my new film Blue Gold, but on the other hand, I am sad that the leaked cut is not my Director’s Cut, but a very old cut!

It was life-changing to make a film with Adrian (Lamo) and other heroes of the computer world.

It was an absolute honor that Kevin Spacey liked the film enough to phone me to congratulate me and to allow me to direct his narration of the film. That said, Trigger Street are the producers, and they’re certainly within their rights to have work done on the film until they’re satisfied with it and feel it’s ready to be released. I don’t think it’s the right choice, but I hope the film gets a legitimate release because the story is fascinating, important and increasingly relevant.

Someone once said ‘Documentaries are never finished, they’re abandoned!’ I cannot think of a more literal example than this!”

Bozzo has found better luck with his new award-winning documentary, Blue Gold: World Water Wars, based on the book and narrated by Malcolm McDowell. This one was actually released by PBS Video and had its U.S. broadcast premiere earlier this month on The Sundance Channel’s The Green.


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