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Hacked Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton photos to appear in XLAVA art exhibit

Kate Upton
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris

As if there aren't enough people walking around the world with the downloaded nude photographs of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, the images will be part of a display by artist XLAVA. This is very confusing to fans of the women. Their privacy was destroyed and now life-size personal images will be on display for everyone to see. According to a September 4 report from USA Today, the photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton will be part of the 'Fear Google' campaign by XLAVA. While the premise behind it makes sense, how much more do these ladies have to endure?

Earlier this week several celebrities were hacked through their iCloud accounts. Very personal images were stolen and downloaded all over the world. While Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton are among the most talked about, others were involved as well. Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice have both denied the photos allegedly claimed to be theirs are real, while Lawrence and Upton have admitted the pictures are indeed real.

Both Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton have sought help in putting the hacker away for his violation of their privacy. The FBI is on the case and while it may take time, the person behind this leak will be arrested. Earlier speculation indicated the man behind the hack was living in Georgia, but that has not been officially confirmed from anyone working on the case. With all of this going on, it is hard to understand how XLAVA can even include the photos in his exhibit.

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