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Habitat for Humanity of Sawyer County opens Restore

Habitat for Humanity of Sawyer County Restore
Hayward, WI
Habitat for Humanity of Sawyer County Restore Hayward, WI
Cathy Larson

The local chapter of Habitat for Humanity has opened a Restore in Hayward, Wi.  The Restore is stocked with donated construction and household items.  All workers are volunteers and proceeds are used to build modest , affordable housing for qualified families with a no-interest mortgage. 

The Restore changes every day as donations come in and sold items go out.  The Restore in Hayward is filled with lighting, appliances, doors, windows, and lots of odds and ends.  The volunteers say that furniture seems to be the hot seller, going out as quickly as it comes in. 

The Restore accepts appliances, cabinets, carpet, lighting, electrical supplies, furniture, and hardware.  Please keep in mind that they do not accept clothing, shoes, cribs, toys, computers, and furnaces.  This Restore offers pick up service for large items.  This is a great opportunity for you if you are remodeling or just replacing an appliance.  You get to avoid disposal fees, and you can even write your donation off on your taxes.  Best of all, think of all the waste that is not ending up in our landfills.

Why shop at a Restore?  First, it saves you money.  Most of prices run between 50-85% off new.  Not only are you saving money, but what a great way to build green.  Reusing items is one of the most effective ways to build green and cut down on your own carbon footprint.  Don't forget, not only are you helping your self, your helping others to get their piece of the American dream, to be a homeowner.

Habitat for Humanity has many Restores, so finding one near you should be no problems.  Sawyer County's Chapter Restore is located at 16220W US HWY 63 South, in Hayward, Wi.  Their hours are Thursday and Friday, 9:am to 4:30pm and Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00pm.  You can give them a call at 715-634-7787.  For more information, visit their website,

Remember, ReUse, ReDuce, ReCycle, and help give someone a hand up along the way!


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