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'H1Z1' will not have human NPCs

Sony Online Entertainment

Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming massively multiplayer online survival horror game H1Z1 will not include any human non-player characters.

"[All people in H1Z1 are] going to be actual players," explained H1Z1 Game Designer Adam Clegg during a demonstration of the game to members of the press. "I think right now we’re just worried about world [player-versus-player], and just player-to-player interactions, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add something like that down the road. It’s just kind of weird because everything in our game can be killed, so if there’s just some NPC that can’t be killed, it ruins the survival immersion.”

But who’s to say that they won’t add ones that can be killed, right?

The free-to-play game is slated for Early Access on Steam some time in the coming months.