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'H1Z1' game designer wants the experience to feel like 'The Walking Dead'

Sony Online Entertainment

H1Z1, Sony Online Entertainment’s new free-to-play massively multiplayer online game is a “super serious survival simulation,” according the game’s designer, Adam Clegg, who mentions that SOE wants the experience to feel like The Walking Dead television show.

"We’re a super serious survival simulation,” Clegg said during a demonstration of H1Z1 to members of the press. "We want [the game] to feel like a zombie apocalypse. We want it to feel like [The] Walking Dead. We want it to be like you have a community and you need to have a camp or compound that you need to protect from the evil players or the bandits.”

In H1Z1, everyone is a potential enemy. The game is about survival and nothing more. Players will compete against each other for food, water, weapons and other resources. The best way to survive is to find a group and build a camp and scavenge the land for materials; however, players must be cautious with who they decide to trust, because they could very easily backstab them when the going gets tough.

Of course, having companions will have its benefits. There are more mouths to feed -- yes, there will be a hunger meter, as well as one for hydration -- but there are also more individuals to help gather supplies. Also, the greater you are in numbers the less likely nearby bandits will want to mess with you.

H1Z1 will offer Early Access on Steam in the coming months.