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H1N1 vaccine shortage and how the virus invades your body


  H1N1 vaccine shortage  (photo wikimedia commons)

To receive the vaccine or not to receive the vaccine, that was the question.  Now it appears vaccination may not even be an option for many people.  This morning, Monday October 26, 2009, NPR's Morning Edition covered this topic: Swine Flu Vaccine Shortage: Why?  Richard Knox reports on the shortage and gives detailed information on why there is a shortage. (listen to report here)

In an article published today by Examiner Charisse Van Horn, titled, H1N1 pandemic WHO update and the H1N1 vaccine she says, "As the vaccines were recently made available, it has become apparent that there are fewer vaccines for high risk groups than were previously anticipated. It is expected that more vaccines will be available in November."  Her article also has more information on the vaccines, the types of vaccines, how it is manufactured and how it is administered (read article here).

So, whether you are still debating getting the vaccine, wanting to get it and unable to, or actually dealing with the flu in your own life what can you do to be proactive right now?  Remember the precautions that are being recommended, cough into your elbow, wash your hands - rubbing them together to create friction, keep your hands away from your face and check out NPR's article, Flu Attack! How A Virus Invades Your Body by Robert Krulwich, which has an animation that shows how the body is invaded by a virus.  According to David Bolinsky, who helped create the video, "...what you see in the video actually happens much, much faster in real life — in a fraction of a fraction of a second. So this is a very slow motion version of cellular activity."  This video is very well done and educational (watch here).


  • Cherie Carlisle 5 years ago

    Very imformative article, really enjoyed the video and I will show it to my family, (after I wash my hands :)

  • Mary 5 years ago

    Great tips. I have another one child learned at school:
    My child says the kids learned to cough and sneeze into their elbow with Germy Wormie, and I was totally taken aback. I always covered with my hands. But I went to the website and now I get it, hands touch, elbows don't!! Kids can touch 300 surfaces in 1/2 hour and they hate to wash their hands. This is a simple thing that can make a huge difference. There is also an entertaining DVD that teaches them in a fun way the elbow cough, as well as other important hygiene habits.

  • Deborah Oakes-Oklahoma City Natural Health Examine 5 years ago

    Great information here. Thanks.