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H1N1 swine flu: natural remedies


H1N1 Vaccine or Natural Remedies?
If a mutation of the h1n1 virus erupts in a "second wave"

(note, from April-December 2009 was one long "first wave")
and the Government-vaunted vaccine will provide
absolutely no protection, instead of admitting defeat,
choose to fight the flu, with Natural Remedies!
Don't give up. Never Surrender. Soldier On.

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Colorado Springs — If you contract the flu (any version of the virus, whether you have received flu shots or not), be prepared. Prepare BEFORE you experience any of the typical flu symptoms (and forget the over-the-counter flu "medications," which only treat the symptoms, and cripple the body in its very fight against the virus).

Note: All versions of the flu are dangerous, and potentially lethal. Take the flu seriously, in all cases, with all individuals, especially children.

Please consider the following everyday natural remedies, all of which have been proven effective in fighting the flu, including the prevalent novel h1n1 swine flu strain of the virus:

  • Vaporizer. Use a hot-steam vaporizer, and keep it running for the duration of the illness. Upon each refill of the water reservoir, place freshly chopped onion bits in the steamer dish (the receptacle just beneath the steam spout). There is direct proof that the influenza virus does not appreciate humidity, and using onions jointly with the vaporizer also spreads sulfur through the air.
  • Elderberry. Elderberry, or Sambucus, has been tested against the h1n1 virus, and proved effective. Obtain lozenges and syrups at any health-food store. Safe for children.
  • Respiratory Herbs: These can be used in the powdered spice form, or in fresh form, including ginger, oregano, elderberry, onion and garlic. These herbs, proven effective in treating conditions of the lung, can be obtained in capsule form. A powerful form of oregano is the oil Oreganol.
  • Onions. Place freshly-cut onions in every populated room of the house, especially in the "sick room." This practice is not for the folkloric alleged benefit of "attracting and trapping the virus," but in releasing the sulfuric content of the onions into the air that is breathed. Working together with humidity (vaporizer), the flu is hampered in its attempt to spread. Currently, onions are very cheap. Place bits of onion in the steamer cup of the vaporizer.
  • NeilMed Nasal Irrigation. Or Netipot. Flush out the nasal cavity with warm salty water. Used in conjunction with the salt-water gargle, attacks the two most prominent locations the flu proliferates in the body, the nose and throat. This device can be obtained at either Walgreens or Walmart, for about $10-$12. The best tool for fighting nasal infections, and the lowest price possible.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar. Use the pure, organic form, such as Bragg's, with the "mother." Drink it plain in water, which will prove tough at first. Also mix in spicy hot apple cider, with honey and cinnamon.
  • Lemon Juice. Either from freshly-squeezed lemon, or as pure, bottled lemon juice. Add lemon juice to a glass of drinking water, and to green tea. Great in combination with honey.
  • Honey. One of the healthiest natural foods that has been used in healing, mentioned as early as the writings of Homer. Add to tea, oatmeal, and even to a hot dish of sauerkraut. Click here for more honey information.
  • Sauerkraut. A refreshing dish when fighting the flu, lifts the spirits and the immune system. Has already been tested positively against Bird Flu. Cook with ginger, oregano, onions, garlic and honey.
  • Green Tea. Hydrate with green tea. Aids in establishing a negative environment for the flu. Obtain green tea with lemongrass.
  • Tofu Noodle Soup. Wonderfully comforting, and healthy, replete with onions, garlic, ginger and oregano. Similar to "chicken noodle soup," but better in every way (plus no dead bird is involved).
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE). Fights bacteria and viruses. Also, purchase a tube of Vita-Myr Toothpaste, which contains GSE and Zinc, wonderful for disinfecting the mouth.
  • Ginger and Oregano. Incredibly powerful virus and bacteria fighters, these two herbs work better together than apart. More info on Ginger. More info on Oregano.
  • Pneumonia Information. Natural remedies.
Note, as of mid-January 2010, the second wave has not yet occurred. The world is celebrating that "it is over, the virus has been vanquished, easily." But if they are wrong, the experts of the health industry and the governments of the world, then serious trouble lurks near at hand.
Look into the alternatives to a vaccine created for the first wave and which will do little good in protecting against a more lethal virus in a second wave. And please, please look into the alternatives to doing absolutely nothing (and unfortunately, the vaccine is the same thing as "doing nothing").
Keep your spirits high, and fight the flu. None of these measures are expensive and all are available at a variety of stores near you, or online. These simple herbs and measures are not "scams" but simple, natural remedies. No magic or hooplah involved. If you do nothing else, invest about $50 in a stockpile of natural remedies, especially onions, elderberries, garlic, ginger and oregano.
Fighting the flu is a better alternative to doing nothing, or spending money on over-the-counter treatments which only treat the symptoms, and not the illness itself.
Fight the flu, and rest, and recover fully. Don't give up. It is a battle. You can and will win it, but you must change the paradigm in your mind, and stop looking for a magic bullet, and realize that it is a real battle that must be fought, fought hard, and won. You can win.

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