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H1N1 is pandemic - are you getting vaccinated? Please take a poll

Have you vaccinated me?
Have you vaccinated me?
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CDC announced last week that they have a new algorythm for predicting hospitalizations, deaths from the flu.

Has this news with the increased death count of up to 6000 changed your mind about getting vaccinated or having your children vaccinated?

Share your opinion with your neighbors:  if you can't see the poll below - please take it here


  • Harmon David Biehl 5 years ago

    Hi, A friend of ours, a young man of 27 years just passed away from the swine flu. We were saddened at this news when we heard of it. With all the modern medecine we have we still do not know what to do about a virus.
    Be Blessed;

  • Theresa (your writer) 5 years ago

    I am so sorry to hear that - a friend of mine's husband was the first AL person to die. It is very scary, which is why I write on this subject so often. I am very sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing and reading. May God comfort you through this trial.

  • Sherri Thornhill 5 years ago

    Saw you on the newspolitics group..hi! I haven't had it yet, only because there is not enough available for me yet. I definitely intend to, I work around a lot of kids and my town has already had cases of H1N1.

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