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H1N1 developments: mutation & reinfection

h1n1 artwork by Douglas Christian Larsen

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Colorado Springs — In August and September 2009 many experts were already claiming that the so-called "novel" h1n1 Swine Flu pandemic was much ado about nothing. In the following months more experts were claiming that the Swine Flu fears were never realized, and that this "pandemic" was nothing more than hype, propaganda, and political fear-mongering.

All of these delphic declarations proclaimed even before flu season had begun.

Is it science, or prophecy, when Canada's  former chief medical officer prognosticates the phantasm of a "third wave" of h1n1 Swine Flu? Where is the good doctor receiving his information, from a new computer projection program, or from some heretofore unknown influenza diety?

As reports emerge from Norway and France and Ukraine about a very real mutation, one that moves this pandemic much closer to its sister pandemic in 1918-1919, making an irresistible link between Swine Flu and catastrophic pneumonia, making all stakes more serious; many "health experts" are declaring that there is nothing to panic about, that no new alarm should be sounded. The calming horns blare that the novel h1n1 Swine Flu pandemic is on the wane, going, going...almost gone.

Experts Say Swine Flu Mutations Do Not Warrant New Alarm
The World Health Organization tried this week to dampen fears about mutations seen in the swine flu virus in several countries, noting that both mutations had been found in very few people.  - DONALD G. McNEIL Jr., The New York Times

Dr. Richard Schabas, Ontario's former chief medical officer, "shakes his head" about money spent on the global H1N1 panic because it fails to meet pandemic criteria for illness and deaths. And there will be no third wave, he said. - Lynne Melcombe, Digital Journal

Where are these "experts" receiving their information? From a higher power? Is this computer-based modeling and projections, or are these some form of prophecy? The data is not in, the flu season has just begun, and the health care experts are claiming it is practically over before it has had a chance to begin. It could be that the experts know what they are talking about, but if so, again, where in the world is their superior knowledge about the very near future coming from? The experts are coming eerily near to prophesying: "Peace, peace, peace."

I almost hate to inform you that when false prophets prophesy "peace, peace, peace," the conclusion of the matter is that sudden destruction comes upon them.

Individuals who have been vaccinated would not be protected.

The samples of the Ukraine flu virus that were analyzed by the World Health Organization provide a great deal of information about the mutations found in this strain of the swine flu. For example, each of the samples from fatalities contained a change in the receptor binding domain for the virus to D225G, which affects the lungs. In addition, one sample has been classed as a low reactor, which means that if that strain of virus were to spread, individuals who have been vaccinated would not be protected. - Victoria Nicks, Examiner

It would seem that this is the time to increase vigilance, to at least make an attempt to inform the public that the current Swine Flu Vaccine will not protect them from the mutated virus, and that this reality has always been known. In fact there has been little danger of a serious mutation by the virus until the regular flu season was fully in motion, which is


When a doctor in West Virginia reported that she had caught the Swine Flu twice, proving each infection with a test, the "experts" immediately leapt forward to assure us that this is not possible:

Dr. Rahul Gupta, director of the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department said he was "aware of no data or scientific body of research or case reports" proving a person could have the disease twice. - Fox News

There is a constant and dedicated effort to suppress all relevant, pertinent information that is based on reality. The kind of information that can save lives. Think about it. If a doctor can catch the flu in August and then two months later catch it again in October, where is the immunity? This is the whole "science" behind the flu immunization, the government-vaunted h1n1 Swine Flu vaccine. This is the whole reason many health-care experts have never believed in the influenza innoculation, because the virus is a constantly moving target.

Dr. Debra Parsons, a pediatrician in Cross Lanes, W. Va., first became ill this summer, the same time her son did. Parsons tested herself for the virus, and it came back positive for the H1N1 Influenza A strain. When Parsons experienced flu-like symptoms again in October, even worse than those she had in August, she tested herself again. The test came back positive again for H1N1. - Fox News

As Dr. Parsons experienced, so did my family. We were infected in July 2009 and are just now recovering from a second Swine Flu infection in November 2009. It is certainly about time to look into alternative measures in order to launch a successful fight against the flu.

This is an excellent time to switch off the TV experts and start thinking for yourself. The above information should sound an alarm — the very alarm the "experts" claim is not necessary — this kind of common-sense thinking does not require a degree in rocket science. It is basic logic.

And this — right now, this moment — is the proverbial about time.


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  • Patrick J. O'Brien 5 years ago

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  • ED 5 years ago

    "There is a constant and dedicated effort to suppress all relevant,"

    And on the other sides are citizens claiming that the authorities are engaged in a "constant and dedicated effort" to scare us, the opposite of your article. Don't get me wrong, I think a lot of what each of the two citizen-activist sides are saying is important, including what you are saying. But we don't help by exaggerating. There is no evil conspiracy #1 to scare us when nothing is there and there is no evil conspiracy #2 to try to pretend all if fine when it's about to go to hell.

    What you have is a milder and less extreme version of each side. They aren't trying to lie to us to pretend dangers that aren't there, instead, officials know they will be crucified if the pandemic ends up being bad and they had not told almost everyone to get a vaccine. That's the other citizen activist side. What about yours?There is no evil conspiracy to lie and hide huge dangers, but officials are afraid of being ruined foreve