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H1N1: Designer masks and more


You can print this one out if you get desperate

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So last week I wrote about the swine flu panic, in hopes that it would go away.  Everyone still seems to be on high alert.  Well, maybe  just the media.  Remember bird flu?

Considering the fact that more people have become ill or died from regular flu strains, I'm not going to flip out and buy a mask just yet. 

Although some masks are quite sporty.  This guy's picture has gotten a lot of press recently.  And I don't think he graduated from art school to design it.

Ebay have some nice masks for sale.  One advert even says "entertain your the life of the party".  Yeah, I don't think that pig nose mask will get me any friends.

This blog has a knitted one.  Ok, that one's just weird.

There are plenty of masks on the market, should you be interested.  Leave it to capitalists to make a buck on a pandemic.

The irony is that there is no scientific evidence that has proven masks are effective for preventing the spread of swine flu (thanks NHS, for that leafllet).  Another reason I'm not strapping on a mask. 

I just remembered that this is a European Travel article.  Let me see if I can tie it in with something relevant.  Hmmm...let me think...

I've got it - Here is detailed information from the UK government with details about swine flu.  It's in 16 languages.


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