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H1N1 2009 Flu trial results announced this week by Sanofi Pasteur

Child getting her flu shot measured
Child getting her flu shot measured
AP photo

Sanofi Pasteur's CEO announced the results of the H1N1 clinical trials in the US today in a press release.  While different then the EU trials results, where one dose was effective in both children and adults in the European studies, the US studies show that while one dose produces a robust antibody response in adults, two doses are needed to replicate the same level of response in children.

The clinical trial results for the pediatric arm can be found at this link on the website. 

The company has been under fire as of late for not being able to produce the expected amount of vaccine, but according to this report, the vaccine maker will ship out 20 million doses by the end of the week, and will be able to meet the 75 million dose commitment to the federal government by the year's end. 

Part of the hold-up is inherent in the process of making vaccines in general.  Believe it or not, the flu is still being grown in eggs, which is a lengthy process. 

Perhaps vaccine makers and pharmaceutical makers alike will benefit from new production methods such as  marine microbe technology to help speed the production process.  Until then, the CDC is relying on  the distribution giant McKesson to deliver vaccines to over 90,000 US sites. 

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