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H & R Block online for 2014 relieves stress when you file your taxes

Take the stress out of tax time
Harbor Financial

Tax season is here, and if you do not have your taxes ready for the IRS when they start accepting taxes you are going to find yourself stressed.

The taxpayers who prepare their taxes in advance are the ones who encounter the least amount of stress. If you plan to file your taxes by yourself this year, you may want to consider filing with H & R Block Online.

What is H & R Block Online?

Most taxpayers have heard of H & R Block because they have offices spread through-out cities in America for taxpayers to go in and have a tax specialist file their taxes for them.

However, what you may not know is you can skip the tax specialist, file online, and do so at your own pace through their simple to follow software.

Choosing a Package

H & R Block has four packages for taxpayers to choose from:

  1. Free Package – This package is ideal for those who are filing their taxes for the very first time. It comes with many features such as free tax prep and audit assistance.
  2. Basic Package – Their basic package is ideal for taxpayers who have very simple tax situations. It allows you to store your tax information for three years and have access to technical support.
  3. Deluxe Package – If you are a homeowner or an investor, this is the ideal package for you. It has everything that the basic package has but it includes help for charitable donations values, and home interest mortgage guidance.
  4. Premium Package – The Premium Pack is ideal for self-employed individuals. It takes the Deluxe Package to the next level by allowing you to access Schedule C and have rental property income guidance.

Key Features of H & R Block

It is no secret that H & R Block has a stellar reputation so they have to be doing something right. Some of their key features include:

  • Worry Free Audit Support – In the event that you were to be audited by the Internal Revenue Service, you will find that H & R Block has your back with their trained audit professionals.
  • Tax refund calculator – It’s quick and easy to see your tax refund amount before you file your taxes.
  • Maximum Refund – Just like Turbo Tax, H & R Block has now started offering to get you the maximum refund amount back.

Why Use H & R Block Online

If you are on edge about which online filing service, you should use this year when you file your 2013 taxes. Consider reading over the reasons why customers turn to H & R Block:

  • Fast & Easy – Getting started on their software is fast and easy. You will be amazed at how fast you are able to file your taxes with them.
  • Affordable – If you go to an office setting to have your taxes filed you may spend more than $100. However, with the online versions of H & R Block you will spend less than $50, even if you go with their Premium Package.
  • Mobile Filing – Technology has changed so much over the years. It seems as though everything that can be done on your laptop can be done on your tablet or smartphone. H & R Block understands this, which is why they allow their customers to file their taxes mobile.

Bottom Line

Tax season is here so you need to be prepared to file when the IRS starts accepting returns. H & R Block is available online to make sure that you are ready without you having to pay a ton of money.

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