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H.R. 270: Cutting Congresional Salaries

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Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO), introduced House Resolution 270 to decrease congressional salaries, put in place mandatory unpaid leave for federal civilian employees, and to reduce appropriations for the offices of the legislative branch for the next fiscal year.

The bill would call for a 10% reduction in pay for all members of Congress as defined by Title 2 Section 31 of the United States Code, which is all Representatives and Senators including all members of the Leadership. The current rate of pay for members not in leadership positions is $174,000 a year, which would mean that rank-and-file members would recieve a $17,400 pay cut.

H.R. 270 would also mandate a two-week unpaid period of leave for all federal civilian employees. Exceptions would be made for reasons of national security, for reasons relating to public health or safety, and for other reasons the President considers necessary.The unpaid leave would also apply to the judicial branch under the authority of the Director of the Administrative of the United States Courts.

The final section of the bill would prohibit appropriated funds for legislative salaries to be no higher than 96% of current FY levels for FY 2012.

There is no current CBO cost estimates for H.R. 270.

H.R 270 was referred to th Committee on House Administration, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform,and the Committee on the Judiciary.

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  • walrus 3 years ago

    if they cut your salary $17,000 would you work harder?
    this just makes it easier to bribe them...they're going to be looking for some way to make that $17,000 back again and along comes a lobbyist.

  • Profile picture of Andrew Kirby
    Andrew Kirby 3 years ago

    Excellent comment, and thank you.

    I agree that if my salary was cut by 17 thousand dollars, I wouldnt want to work at all. But it could potentially affect none of the current Congressmen, because the "pay cuts" would not go into affect till the 113th congress starting in 2012.
    another fun fact, some of the founding fathers advocated for no pay for elected officials seeing it as a "public service"
    Again thank you for the comment, and get in contact with your representatives, and tell them how you feel.

  • walrus 3 years ago

    "...some of the founding fathers advocated for no pay for elected officials seeing it as a "public service"..."

    a representative with empty pockets would be a lobbyist's drooling dream

  • Profile picture of Andrew Kirby
    Andrew Kirby 3 years ago

    then its our responsibility as stewards of the government to elect those who would not compromise their standards of ethics, and own personal morality. Just because it can happen, does not mean it has to..