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H.O.A. Anxiety - A new form of Social Media Condition

H.O.A. = Hangout On Air, Google's way of TV. HOA's are live streamed events by G+ members.

Being live on camera brings a new form of stress, H\.O.A. Anxiety and Mark Seydel has set out to help others to overcome this fear. Together with his guests Lance Field, Mia Voss, Christine DeGraff, Dawn Swick, Heather Kraafter, Wayne Nix and Leila Martin he has set out to find out what causes these anxiety attacks, how to counteract them and maybe even cure them all together.

From the Event Page:

Why do this Episode?

Many people have come to me expressing a desire to be a guest or to host their own H.O.A., but are afraid, camera shy, etc. What they are usually surprised by is that I also suffer from “H.O.A. Anxiety”.

I am a firm believer in Exposure Therapy when dealing with fear. It’s all a part of the Cognitive Behavior Therapy process, of which I am a big fan. We will discuss, live, our fears and how we can best deal with them. We will also take an “anxiety rating” at the beginning of the show, at the end of the show and guests will comment, after the show, with their final rating.

But see for yourself how the anxiety level of some guests went from 12 in the beginning to 2 by the end of the show.

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