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H-Mart arrives in Burlington, bridging the gap for Asian food lovers

H-Mart is located behind the Market Basket shopping center, at the Middlesex Turnpike and 95 in Burlington.
H-Mart is located behind the Market Basket shopping center, at the Middlesex Turnpike and 95 in Burlington.

H-Mart opened in Burlington, MA on Friday, September 25.

Anyone with a jones for good Asian food has a lot of choices for retail outlets in the Boston area. However, beyond Chinatown and local markets, only one grocery, Super88, provided an extensive selection of Asian foods under one roof. Super88 had been providing Asian foods for the home cook since the mid-1990s, but the past year has seen the decline of the chain since its purchase by Hong Kong Grocery (read story at 

Thankfully, Super88 devotees now have another option in the Boston area, thanks to H-Mart, a Korean grocer with a stylish and affordable approach to food shopping. 

H-Mart, founded in 1982 in Queens, NY, has 30 stores nationwide, and carries both regular groceries and Asian foods. The produce section is a prominent part of the store, as well as a food court and bakery. The store opened a week ago to huge crowds.

With many small markets offering Asian fare in the urban neighborhoods, H-Mart recognized a need for a suburban offering and opened this location in Burlington, behind the Market Basket plaza near Burlington Mall. The Korean company has a very loyal following, evidenced by the throngs of people who have been there repeatedly. One particular fan has been pining for Super88's food court ever since he moved from Allston to the Burlington suburb. "It's a five-minute walk to my house from here," he said between bites of Japchae, a Korean noodle dish. "I've been here almost every day to eat." 

The H in H-Mart stands for happy, humane, healthy, and heartful. The chain has an extensive range of items, from staple Asian foods to the usual array of American groceries, and even a Hello Kitty boutique. Cosmetics and skin care round out the other boutique shops located at the front of the store. 

H-Mart is located at 3 Old Concord Road in Burlington, on Middlesex Turnpike south of 128 (behind the Market Basket plaza). Hours are 8 AM to 9 PM daily. Visit the Burlington H-Mart mini-site for store information, a map, and photos.

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  • J. Wang 5 years ago

    Aren't you forgetting the absolutely giant and awesome Kam Man, located in Quincy? That's certainly in the suburbs, and also in the Boston area - and my first choice for an Asian supermarket these days.