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H&M: Jimmy Choo line officially in stores

Shoes $60-$299
Shoes $60-$299

All items worn by the model can be found in H&M stores nationwide.

Whip out that wallet, ladies (and gentlemen) -

Christmas has come early this year!

November 14, 2009 was the date H&M launched their highly anticipated Jimmy Choo line.  H&M stores, nationwide, unveiled a large selection of Jimmy Choo's deliciously sought after shoes, as well as pants, dresses, belts, handbags, jackets, vests and shirts. 

Price Ranges:

-Handbags $24.95-$299.00

-Accessories $24.95-$59.95

-Ladies Shoes $69.95-$299.00

-Clothing $49.95-$249.00

-Men's Collection $24.95-$249.00 (shoes, boots, belts, scarves, slacks, wallets, shirts, sweaters and bags)

At the edge of your seat?  Watch the provided slideshow or click here to see the collection in it's entirety.

The downside of this H&M line:

-shoes ran larger than expected*

-leather jackets priced at $249.00*

-shoes range can reach $200 a pair

-the highly anticipated line may sell out quickly

The upside:

-H&M is known for their reasonable prices

-accessibility and quality follow the H&M brand as well as Jimmy Choo

-the shoes start at $60 a pair, which is not cheap but budget friendly

 For more info: visit a H&M store or their website.

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