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Gypsy punks Gogol Bordello to play The Norva July 16 2014

Gypsy punks, Gogol Bordello, will be bringing their high energy, wine soaked North American Gonzo Turbo Auto Pilot Tour to The Norva on July 16, along with open act, Man Man from Philadelphia.

Their latest CD-Pura Vida Conspiracy
From Wikipedia

About a month or more ago, I couldn’t have told you who Gogol Bordello was. Then one day when I was hanging out with my friend Kim, she brought up how ecstatic she was to be going to this show and turned me on to them.

The conversation went something like this.

Kim: “I’m so excited! I got my Gogol Bordello tickets. You going?”

Me: “Gogol Bordello? Who’s that?” I assumed it was perhaps a jam band, because my friend Kim is kinda groovy like that.

Kim: “Really? Oh man, they’re so awesome…It’s a gypsy punk band. They’re so damn cool. I love them!”

Me: ”Gypsy punk band?! Hmmm, really? Uh, okay, I’ll check them out.

So I went home, did a YouTube search and watched a video. As I watched, I felt my eyes get big and the corners of my mouth creep up into a smile. Then I watched another one. What had started out as a quick search just to get an idea of who the band was, quickly turned into a couple of hours of watching, listening and reading about the group.

I also stumbled upon the 2008 documentary, Gogol Bordello Non-Stop, which gives detailed insight into front man Eugene Hütz's early life living in the Ukraine, his trek to the US with his family and the rise of Gogol Bordello from playing in basements to international main stages during the years 2001-2007. You can find the documentary on Netflix streaming.

So, with this information now firmly planted in my noggin, it is my prediction that the doors of The Norva might just get blown off on July 16. I’m also completely sure that this is going to be a show unlike anything I have ever seen before. So thanks, Kim! I'm now just as ecstatic to see this band as you are.

To get your tickets, go to The Norva website.

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