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Gymtrack: A wearable device for fitness gaming


Gymtrack is a wearable device aimed to gamify exercise. The device is designed to be worn around the ankle, it monitors your physical activity and then it sends all data via Bluetooth to your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The software will translate that data into actions on a 3D video game that you play while you exercise!

What are the benefits of using Gymtrack (some of the features)?

Enjoy an augmented reality experience at the gym and keeps you motivated working out.
Track your activity in real time, and see relevant information from your workout such as speed, distance traveled, and estimated calories burned.
Set different goals (i.e lose some weight in a certain time period) and the software will guide you through different levels of difficulty so you can reach your goal in the desired time.
Train for a race (whether it's running, cycling, rowing or any other activity) by competing against the computer and beat it to make sure you can keep up depending on the level of difficulty you choose.

How it works
Gymtrack is designed to worn around the ankle. You put the device inside the band, tighten the strap around your ankle, turn it on, and connect to your computer, tablet or smartphone with Bluetooth! After connecting to your device, you will be able to start enjoying a fun workout session with an augmented reality interface that will monitor your physical activity in real time.

Perks include bands and T shirts

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