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Gym virgin? Beware of the gym treadmill

According to data collected by the Federal Consumer Products Safety Commission, there were more than 1,500 reports of exercisers landing in the emergency room after run-ins with workout equipment....Treadmills, free weights and weight machines caused broken ankles, fractured arms and legs — even amputated fingertips.

Stay focused during a workout, this can lead to injury.
AP Photo/Christopher Berkey

Though nothing is 100% safe, consider the benefits of a bootcamp workout:

  • Mostly body weight, no intimidating machines
  • Trainer motivates you and corrects your form
  • Fellow campers work just as hard, so they have no time to be watching or judging you
  • Build a sense of community with fellow campers
  • Learn exercises you can practice at home or do at the gym and look like a pro
  • Various progressions for every fitness level
  • Total body workout that combines cardio and strength training for more metabolic bang for your buck

So if you are a "gym virgin", don't be ashamed.  Instead of being secretly laughed at by fellow gym-goers, as you examine the cable machine or stand on a treadmill for seven minutes pressing buttons, don't go at it alone. If the gym is your thing, make time for the new member orientation that most gyms provide.   Or try something new, like a local bootcamp workout!

Fitness bootcamps vary and are not for everyone, only the strong survive. So ask about a trial class first.


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