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Gwyneth Paltrow split: Cameron Diaz paints pretty picture against ugly rumors

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s split is defended by Paltrow’s close friend Cameron Diaz today who talked about her friend’s decision to end her marriage. As usual in a Hollywood split, things can get ugly in the media with lots of surmising going on, but the reason the two are no longer living together is simple, explains Diaz.

Gwyneth Paltrow split so nicely explained today by her pal Cameron Diaz!
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

According to the Huffington Post on March 27, after 11 years of marriage, Paltrow and Martin don’t hate each other, they care very much about one another, but they don’t want to be a couple anymore. The two will stay together as friends and as parents when it comes to raising the kids, but mutually they have moved on from being a husband and wife.

Diaz said that Paltrow and Martin’s split should not be blown up into something it’s not. These two adults are just as happy talking and spending time as a family together as they ever were before. They made this decision and shared it with the public.

When Diaz said she didn’t want to see this turn ugly, she might already be too late. Rumors, speculation and assumptions are already at their high-point today. Hollywood Life suggests that the couple may have broken up for lack of oral sex. It doesn’t get much raunchier than that!

Paltrow can be proud of her friend Diaz who put the situation into such a lovely form, saying:

"They've made a conscious effort to separate the part of their lives they don't want to live together anymore, and maintain a really beautiful, strong bond as parents and as friends.” Diaz took this a bit further saying, "I think people should really honor that and they should admire it and they should respect it. They've done something really extraordinary and they've been very brave at presenting that to the public."

As the media picks the bones of this newly dissolving marriage, even Paltrow and Martin have to get a kick out of the latest suggestion that Paltrow didn’t follow her own advice on oral sex. She told Chelsea Handler during an interview last year that she once advised a girlfriend to let go of the anger she was feeling at the time toward her husband and go give him oral sex.

Now those words have come back to haunt her with headlines asking today did she forget her own advice on giving oral sex? Neither Paltrow nor Martin have anything to answer for, they are divorcing and that’s it. Thousands of couples do this each year, just because they are famous doesn’t mean they can’t have the same problems as other couples do.

Again, Diaz is the type of friend anyone would want on their side. She so elegantly described Paltrow and Martins divorce position.

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