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Guy walks into a bar...plays a game?

Need a drink and a game? Nerds and geeks need to look no further than Endgame Bar on Mill Avenue.

One of the many events being held at Endgame in preparation for their opening.
Logan Marks
Endgame Bar
Endgame Bar

Gamers have never really had a social watering hole they can call their own, but that may change. Endgame Bar in Tempe's iconic Mill Avenue hopes to bring like-minded gaming enthusiasts together for a little social "play" and entertainment. Many of society’s staple social meeting points like bars and clubs, don’t exactly cater to the game lover. Even comic book shops and arcades don’t always provide the ideal environment to talk to and meet new friends and, well, other potential relationships.

Founders of Endgame Bar on Mill Avenue hope to be the solution to that problem, and urge gamers in the local community to show their support in an establishment designed specifically to cater to the game lover, by contributing to their Kickstarter.

Founder Ryan Scott commented on how Endgame Bar plans to appeal to Valley gamers, “We bring a lot of passion for gaming,” and added, “There really isn’t any kind of social hub for gamers, nerds, or geeks, this gives a place where you can go to meet fun, cool people with the same interests as you.”

The bar will be featuring live streams of popular video game tournaments, similar to a sports bar. Scott hopes that the popular location and proximity to a large student base will help make the bar more successful. The 7000 square foot space, will house many gaming machines running from retro gaming machines like the Super NES to more recent equipment like the Playstation 3.

With drinks, food, and games at a busy and popular location, Endgame Bar hopes to establish itself as Phoenix's best gamer focused social bar.

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