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Guy guru Pirooz Sarshar says to hit her with your best shot for Valentine’s Day

Hole away with your  lover on Valentine's Day at the Peninsula Hotel
Hole away with your lover on Valentine's Day at the Peninsula Hotel
Richard and Patti Pietschmann

Our favorite ‘groomarian’, guy’s guy Pirooz Sarshar founder of PRZMan, has some good advice for men looking to please their lovers on Valentine’s Day. “Valentine’s Day is all about your woman,” says Pirooz. “It’s definitely the perfect time to show her how much you appreciate her and to celebrate the love,so do it with pizzazz and forget the candy and roses routine. Instead, says Pirooz, try a little tenderness:

Take her to a Korean bath house

1 - Cook or hire a private chef come to your home-- PRZMAN offers cooking tips for guys. Even if you’re not a kitchen whiz (burnt chateaubriand is never sexy) and you actually just want to spend time with her, hire a private chef for the evening. You can find plenty of reputable chefs who will make house calls. This may run a couple hundred bucks, but this surprise will blow her away. Meet with your chef beforehand and come up with a menu that’s themed especially for her. You could even take it to the next level by typing up the menu for the evening, which could double as a clever Valentine’s Day card.

2 - Take a trip in your city-- Sweep her away to an extravgant hotel such at the Hotel Bel-Air, Peninsula Beverly Hills, Montage Beverly Hills or Ritz-Carlton LA, reserve a suite for the night and spoil her silly. Book a couple’s massage, manicure, pedicure or other spa services you think she’ll like. Look into the local restaurants or entertainment in the area. Talk to the concierge in advance and see what they recommend. Order a bottle of bubbly in advance so it's there when you check into the room. Have some chocolate truffles and flowers delivered (okay we said none of that,but this is different).

3 - Write her name in the sky-- Plan a picnic before it gets dark, take her somewhere, sit outside, look up in the sky and tell her how much you love her. Skywriting firms have planes all over the country; they have fleets of planes ready to go. This romantic gesture should get you some serious brownie points. Check out Or name a star after her through the International Star Registry at

4 – Pick out some sexy and expensive lingerie-- Nothing against Victoria's Secret – personally, I love their catalog – but there are some really nice high-end lingerie stores out there. This will really set the mood for your Valentine’s Day. To find out her sizes, just do a little snooping through her drawers. Check out

5 – Go wild—and take her to the opera or take her to a movie, sneak in picnic basket with wine. Take her dancing (she’ll really flip) or to a Korean bathhouse where you can get services together. Just think of the craziest thing you can do and go for it. Dine out on unusual ethnic food and then do some karaoke. Have fun and really make her see your adventurous side.

The lifestyle platform at PRZMAN “The Institute of Manhood” gets 40,000 unique visitors per month. Sarshar describes PRZMAN as the place where “the brainy, the brawny and the regular bro can find the tools every guy needs” to be the best brand of man he can be. For more ideas and advice, or to “peruse” some PRZMan grooming products, please visit or email Pirooz at

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