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Guy from 'The Croods' has cro-magnon appeal and mystery

The Croods has been out a short while, but I am quite sure we've all had questions about Guy's origins. Where does he come from and why is he one of the most aspiring characters in the film, alongside the father, Grug Crood? What makes Guy so special?

Guy from 'The Croods'
Image courtesy of DreamWorks Animation

Aside from having a pet sloth named Belt and being one of the early human nomads to walk upright(Cro-Magnon), there are some attributes which make him mysterious and the film does hint a little to his background but not much at all.

Feel free to comment below if you have caught on to some bits and pieces of the movie I may have missed.

  • Guy has visions. When he meets Eep Crood he tells her he has seen The End. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tectonic shifts will change the world forever. How did he know this?
  • Where is Guy from? We are introduced to him when Eep sneaks out of the cave at night and finds him wearing boar skin. He speaks differently from the Croods and he uses more creativity than muscle. To us he appears "normal" but to the Croods he is strange.
  • Who were his parents? According to the film and the Croods Wiki, his parents died in a tar pit but told him to never be afraid of the unknown.
  • Where in the world did he ever find Belt? Belt is his pet sloth and its safe to assume he has always been his pet. As Grandmother Crood says, "Why have a pet? That's what we have children for?"[Seriously paraphrasing here, you'd have to see the movie to hear the whole joke]

Such an intriguing character and if you look at YouTube you will find many of the comments finding yet another DreamWorks "Guy" attractive. Yes, Guy is considered Cro- Magnon sexy. I doubt young men will start buying sloth belts though.

Check out the movie which is on DVD now and available on Netflix to stream.

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