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Guy Fierri news: Thief who took his car gets life in prison

Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri
Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Guy Fierri's Lamborghini was stolen months ago but the man who took it is finally learning his fate. On Jan. 24, Today shared the news about what ended up causing this man to get life in prison. He did a lot more than just steal Guy's car.

Max Wade was charged with attempted murder on top of the charges for taking Guy's car. This was for a drive by shooting that happened in April where he is accused of driving by and shooting at two people that he knew. During this investigation, officers got a warrant to search his storage unit. Inside of it they found Guy Fierri's missing Lamborghini.

This vehicle has been missing since 2011. Guy had it getting some work done and left it at a shop. It was taken from there and they had not been able to locate it. Now Max Wade will spend life in prison for his actions. Are you shocked that he got life in prison for attempted murder and car theft? Sound off in the comments.