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Gustavo De Beauville's Volume 1 - Album Review

Gustavo De Beauville - Volume 1
Gustavo De Beauville - Volume 1
Gustavo De Beauville

Receiving acclaim for devising some of the most impressive and dynamic electronic sounds, Gustavo De Beauville is taking the world by storm. Similar to Tool and NIN in rhythm, but unique all on his own, Gustavo De Beauville's Volume 1 is 15 cuts that are laced with emotional energy and elements that make for an excellent album.

From the sharp "Release the Kraken" to the radio-friendly "As I Slither," and echoing Orgy like-beat of "Insectoid Trails" fans of electronic music with a heavy hitting metal sound will find that these tracks are ones they can sink their teeth into. An album of all instrumentals, Volume 1, allows Gustavo to take full advantage of what he can do with an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, bass, synths, orchestral sequencing, and drum programming. Not only that - De Beauville composed, recorded, mixed and mastered his own material. This in itself is of particular mention because so many artists of a similar nature, have not worn so many different and distinctive hats in the music studio.

A few of the songs, "Sands of Allure" "Losing Innocence," "Oh Divine Raven" have a clever rhythms and unpack the creativity of De Beauville's approach and technique. The closing cut, "In Defiance," perhaps the masterpiece of Volume 1, is a full of melancholy and angst cementing the album as a styled perfected by an individual self-taught artist.

Final Grade: A

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