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Gus Kenworthy and the Dogs of Sochi

Gus wins Silver on the slopes and gold in our hearts
Photo by Joe Scarnici

It seems as a population we have a soft spot in our hearts for puppies. At least that is true of Gus Kenworthy Olympic Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Slopestyle Silver Medalist. The Olympic Skier found the puppies living on the streets of Sochi and apparently felt he must do something to help. According to the news today, he has lined up immunizations for them in an effort to bring these adorable puppies home with him. Also, having the foresight to acknowledge the need for help when they arrive States side, Gus has arranged for 4 kennels to help with the care of the dogs in the states.

We have always cared about the animals in the countries we travel too. The importance here is Gus is using his knowledge of legal and jurisdictional guides to help do this the correct way. Many times people want so much to help; we fail to research and appropriately provide for the animals we are bringing home with us. Every week we hear of wild animals that are brought in to the country illegally subjecting the animal and our animals to health concerns unthought-of. Here is a great big Valentine’s Day Thank You to Gus Kenworthy, Natalie Morales and others helping out and keeping the transfer of these puppies the correct way.

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