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Gus Johnson is Madden NFL 11's new play-by-play announcer

EA Sports recently announced that Gus Johnson will be the new play-by-play announcer in Madden NFL 11 when it comes out later this year.

Gus Johnson, the new play-by-play announcer for Madden NFL 11.
EA Sports

Johnson, a veteran announcer of NCAA Basketball and a former broadcaster for the Detroit Lions, brings his commentary to Madden's stage. His voice has a dramatic as he “lives for the moment.” Hopefully, EA captures his enthusiasm realistically. Just take a look at the YouTube video below. This man can have you on the edge of your seat. He is great for NCAA college basketball, and hopefully this translates well into his foray into football video game commentary.

Oh yeah, EA Sports released some new screens. Feast your eyes upon them.

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