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Guns save lives, labels don't

Chicago wanted the Olympics and through the poor timing, of the tragic beating death of Derrion Albert, the world saw what Chicago is really like; a violent city where the scum of the earth have no reservations of attacking the innocent.

Just last week, we were alarmed at the violence those boys of Chicago exacted on the McClendons; a sweet elderly couple. Had the McClendons had a gun, or the boys worried about them having one, this horrific double murder probably wouldn’t have happened.

If I were a low-life, I’d probably be just as bold in this city. Why? Thanks to one of the most aggressive anti-gun laws in the nation, Chicago has taken the Constitutional right of her citizens to bare arms. What do criminals have to fear?

Liberals like to think that if there were no guns on the streets, there would be no violence. Criminals could care less about the law; they will get guns whether they’re legally entitled to or not.

Good citizens, however, are unable to conceal a weapon and protect themselves on the mean streets of the cities. Liberals will say that you should alert the authorities when trouble comes about. As a free American, I feel that I have the right to protect myself and my family if someone tries to deprive me of life and property.

Big government doesn’t work, but the individual, taking responsibility for themselves can turn the tide of violence in Chicago and the rest of the country. We should be able to make criminals think twice about accosting anyone, whether it be a big burly guy, or a little grandma trying to go to the corner store.

Conceal laws would not create greater violence, it would lower the amount of violence. These punks wouldn’t be so bold and aggressive if they had to fear for their lives.

Baseball Bats Need Label?

I’m appalled by the litigious nature of our country. First it was the lady suing a restaurant for coffee that was too hot and now we’ve got a family that just won a settlement against Louisville Slugger for the death of their son on the baseball field.

Their claim is that there were no warnings about how much more dangerous an aluminum bat is versus a wooden bat.

My stance on this issue is that both bats are inherently dangerous. They both have the ability to kill, whether by striking a ball or striking an individual directly. They will both kill with or without a label.

It was a freak accident; someone is not always culpable for an accident, injury or death. But in this get rich quick, sue everybody society, lawyers convinced this family that they could sue the bat company for making too good of a product that brings joy to millions of children and adults.

How will this affect your freedom? It might not be too long before our regulate everything government tells us that you can no long buy aluminum bats. Think of the liberals. For the kids of poor communities that cannot afford to buy an endless supply of wooden bats, baseball programs will cease to exist, and we all know how important you feel after school programs are for stemming youth violence.