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Guns and Roses for the kiddies

G n' R for the youngsters. Finally!
G n' R for the youngsters. Finally!

Some parents just cannot shake that hard driving rock and roll blood that’s flowed in their very veins ever since their spandex-laden teenage years. Those dedicated folks can now pass the torch on to their ever-impressionable toddlers. Yes, you heard me right… Guns and Roses classics will be featured on the new Lullaby Renditions of Guns And Roses released by the Rockabye Baby company.

It’s an interesting concept: transforming the seedy, gutter rat mentality of the band’s Los Angeles bred rock assault into soothing ditties for young diaper wrapped rugrats. Naturally, all of the offensive language has been removed and re-tooled for a more kid friendly approach. These tunes are instead fully instrumental versions of G ‘n R favorites such as “Sweet Child O’ Mine” “November Rain” and “Patience”. It’s left even some fans proclaiming that the album’s version of substance abuse anthem “Mr. Brownstone” even sounds kind of “pretty.”

This is certainly not the way you’ve heard Axl, Slash and company before. But with subjects ranging from drug addiction to violence one can only wonder if these early seeds will result in adolescent exploration of the aforementioned subjects. Obviously that seems like quite the stretch so we will leave that for the pundits to explore. What we may see, however, is a growing market for the ex-aqua net indulging, wild child rockers turned parents set. My First Motley Crue tee’s and Metallica labeled Osh-Kosh B-Gosh bib-overalls may be a reality before we know it. Beats Barney I guess.

Track Listing:
01. Welcome To The Jungle
02. Sweet Child O’ Mine
03. Paradise City
04. Live & Let Die
05. November Rain
06. You Could Be Mine
07. Mr. Brownstone
08. Estranged
09. Yesterdays
10. Don’t Cry
11. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
12. Patience

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