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Gunner Robinson, North Carolina student-collecting shoes for children-Update!

Gunner Robinson reached his goal!
Gunner Robinson reached his goal!
Gunner Robinson/Facebook

Gunner Robinson, a student in North Carolina-has received some interesting attention following his quest to collect 400 pairs of shoes for students through donations. Gunner hoped to collect enough shoes to share with other students by his birthday, which was August 15.

Soon the name Gunner's Runners became popular and the efforts of Gunner Robinson, who turned 9 on his recent birthday, were rewarded with the shoes he hoped for being donated in a timely manner.

When Robinson began to gain attention through his efforts to collect shoes for other students, he may have been surprised to have CNN share some details.

According to information shared on Gunner told that social workers from three schools came to his school to get and distribute the shoes that had been collected.

Readers may also want to view details that are shared about his mission to gather donated shoes for returning school children on Gunner's Facebook page.

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