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Gunman casually walks up to playing children and shoots 2-year-old girl in head

A two-year-old girl is dead.  Her dad and a 12-year-old female relative were also shot.
A two-year-old girl is dead. Her dad and a 12-year-old female relative were also shot.

An unimaginable tragedy out of the Detroit suburb of Inkster, Michigan, where state troopers there say a gunman walked up to children while they were playing in their yard on July 1, shot and killed a two-year-old girl at point blank range, then proceeded to shoot the toddler’s 12-year-old female relative and 30-year-old dad. Although media outlets disagree on the father’s age, everyone agrees that the 2-year-old girl died at the scene.

Lt. Mike Shaw, a public information officer with the Michigan State Police, reported that police in Inkster were called about the multiple shots fired at the home around 8:35 p.m. on Tuesday, according to The Mining Gazette. The older child and dad were hospitalized and were reported to be in stable physical condition.

Initially, the still unidentified gunman fled the scene on foot, but has since been apprehended, according to CBS Detroit. Police are still trying to determine a motive for the tragic shootings.

The Michigan State Police shared the identity of the murdered toddler as being two-year-old Kamiya LaShawn Gross. After the shooter casually walked up and shot the baby girl in the head, he proceeded to shoot multiple times at Kamiya’s older relative and father.

What appear to be bloodstains, a bottle of peroxide and two small, pink shoes could be seen at the porch where the incident occurred. ~ USA Today

Andy Anderson, 51, of Detroit, witnessed the horrific event. When the shots started to ring out, he was standing near a car at the public housing unit in Inkster. "He shot the baby,” Anderson told reporters. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he ducked behind the car for protection.

"I thought, 'No, he didn't.' And then he turned the gun and started shooting on the porch."

"I tried to scoot up under the car because I thought he was gonna kill everybody," he said.

Ten minutes before the mayhem erupted, Anderson’s grandchildren were skating with the two girls that got shot; but then his girls had to go inside for dinner. Anderson also said that just moments before the shootings, the shooter was dropped off by a driver in a white van just a few doors up the street. The driver parked near the house where the shootings took place, but then moved the van to the other side of the house. The witness went on to say that the gunman “casually" walked up to the family and started shooting. Anderson said that "My daughter's been up crying all night."

A vigil will be held for the murdered toddler on Thursday night at 7 p.m. Community advocate Aaron Sims said that the neighborhood is taking the girl’s death and the other shootings very hard.

"For something like this to happen to a child whose life hasn't even started yet, it's beyond sad," he said.

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