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Gun tattoo causes trouble for man in Maine

Micheal Smith's gun tattoo almost caused a bad situation with police.
Micheal Smith's gun tattoo almost caused a bad situation with police.
David Leaming

Like many Americans Norridgewock, Maine resident Michael Smith works nights. As a result he is not what one would call a morning person. So when a tree removal service that had been hired by a utility company were working at 10 am on Tuesday morning, he promptly went outside and told the crew to leave. He explained he did not want the trees removed, and the crew left. Later he was awoken again, this time to armed police officers.

The workers called the police saying that the shirtless Smith had a gun tucked in the waistband of his pants and were afraid he may try to use the weapon on them. When the police arrived they discovered that Smith was actually unarmed; the gun in question was actually a life-size tattoo of a handgun on his stomach, which indeed does look to be tucked into his waistband.

When the police realized the gun was a tattoo, they and Smith agreed it was a simple misunderstanding. The police followed procedure when getting a call about a possible weapon or threatening situation, but no charges were filed. Smith mentioned that he had been only arrested once for an unpaid fine, and joked with the arresting officer when he asked if he had any weapons on him, "Yes, I have this on me at all times; its a tattoo."