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Gun safety and mounted shooting clinic at Gambler's Ridge

March 20, 2010, Joyce Lewis, Extreme Cowboy Association, Mid Atlantic Region National Advisor Board Member and Veteran Extreme Cowboy Racer will host a gun safety and mounted shooting clinic at Gambler's Ridge in Goldhill, North Carolina.  The clinic will be conducted by Tommy Richardson, award-winning cowboy shooter and clinician. Three of Tommy's mounted shooting trained horses will be available for use in the class.

The course begins with a gun safety course at 9am.  Once everyone is comfortable with handling the guns without the horses, ground work with Tommy's trained horses will begin.  Each participant will then get a chance to move into the saddle on one of Tommy's horses to put their learnings all together. 

With an understanding of the basics, participants then begin the process of desensitizing their own horses to a firearm.  Says Joyce Lewis, "Tommy is well known in the Southeast for his excellent marksmanship, horsemanship and ability to get even the most timid horse and rider team shooting by the end of the day."

Cost of the clinic is $150 per horse/rider pair and includes guns, ammo, targets and use of Tommy's trained horses for the day.  The registration deadline is Monday, March 15.  Contact Joyce Lewis at for more information and a registration form.